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          DOWNLOAD CATALOGVaplock Closed System Solutions for Solvent Containment & Hazardous Vapor Control for the Chromatography and Life Science Industries

          Solutions for Solvent DeliverySolutions for SOLVENT DELIVERY
          • Safety Caps for Solvent Delivery
          • Evaporation Control Valves
          • Solvent and Mobile Phase Filters
          • Solvent Reservoirs
            Solutions for Chemical WasteSolutions for CHEMICAL WASTE
          • Safety Caps for Solvent Waste
          • Chemical Emissions Filters
          • Waste Manifolds for Safety Cans
          • Carbon Filter Adapters
          • JUSTRITE® Cans and Funnels
            Accessories for Chemical HandlingAccessories for CHEMICAL HANDLING
          • Soft and Hard Wall Tube Fittings
          • Containers
          • Bottle Thread Adapters
          • Anti-Static / Grounding Cables              
          • Tools and Toolkits

          Vaplock is the solution Designed to minimize leaks, spills, and vapor escape from HPLC solvent waste containers and reagent vessels, Vaplock Closed Systems greatly reduces exposure to harmful chemicals in the laboratory environment. Engineered with ease of use and adaptability in mind, Vaplock will conform to a broad array of lab equipment, solvent containers and tubing sizes.

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